Cindy Krum with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays

Cindy Krum is the founder and CEO of MobileMoxie. In this video interview with The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard), she talks about how a new metric called moxiescore can help companies measure SEO success.

Cindy Krum talks with Jason Barnard about measuring Google SERPs.

SEO is changing as Google assets take more and more space above the fold, and as they continue to add variety to what and how different types of assets rank. In this episode, Cindy Krum, from MobileMoxie will discuss how a new metric called MoxieScore can help companies quantify SEO success in a new way. MoxieScore measures the entire SERP, and gives marketers credit for everything that they rank in the SERP, including Maps, Apps, Ads, Videos, Knowledge Graph, Interesting Finds, websites (not just your own), Rich Elements and everything else. This more holistic way of evaluating success will modernize the perspective and strategy decisions of SEO’s.

Scheduled for 8th December 6pm CET

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Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.

Part of the Kalicube Tuesdays series.

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