Matthew Tenney with Jason Barnard

Matthew Tenney has over 10 years of experience with online media. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he talks about the methods and tools he uses to research information about entities.

Matthew Tenney talks with Jason Barnard about researching people.

Ever wondered how to evaluate out the E-A-T credentials of a so-called expert?

Matthew Tenney talks with Jason Barnard about how to research someone using Google. A neat trick, if you know what you are doing 🙂 Matthew Tenney talks with Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays about effective vetting using search engines such as Google, the pitfalls and the ways to avoid wasting time vetting the wrong individual.

The single most important takeaway is that you’ll do well to evaluate an expert through Google’s eyes.

Matthew and Jason discuss in detail that, when researching, you should think more in terms of entities than authors, or people… and look at those entities from the perspective of how Google perceives their Expertise Authority and Trust (E-A-T).

During the podcast Matthew goes on to point out the fundamental importance of using structured data and the sameAs property to indicate connections in a way that Google understands.

They move onto using Google Trends as a way to evaluate a person’s popularity… but also that it can be a limited since most people’s names do not generate enough search volume for Google Trends to pick up on them.

Then onto the Knowledge Graph – something Jason is especially keen to talk about – specifically how to influence it.

To conclude, Matthew talks about the methods and tools he uses in his vetting procedure to find out as much as possible about an author or entity online. The perfect conclusion to a great conversation!

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Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.

Part of the Kalicube Tuesdays series.

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