Bengü Atamar with Jason Barnard

Bengü Atamer worked for YouTube as head of marketing. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, she shares the hidden tips and tricks that drive YouTube success.

Bengü Atamer talks with Jason Barnard about YouTube.

The Untapped Benefits of YouTube Most of us Miss #YouTubeSEO #BenguAtamer

I talked with Aleyda Solis about optimising videos for YouTube. That was awesome.

But here we’re looking at additional, less obvious optimisations you can apply to your YouTube Channel (including monetisation).

YouTube is the second largest search engine network ranked just below and yet a lot of us don’t know just how beneficial it can be for our business.

Take a dive into the endless opportunities available on the YouTube platform and how you can implement winning strategies to optimise your video content, gain more exposure and build your audience.

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