Duane Forrester with Jason Barnard - Understanding What People Want And How To Provide The Answers

Duane Forrester has over 20 years of experience in the search marketing industry. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he shares how to build a brand persona in digital marketing.

Duane Forrester talks with Jason Barnard about digital marketing.

The original topic was understanding user intent, but we got sidetracked 🙂

In this podcast Duane and Jason talk about the importance of building your brand persona and how companies can prepare for the future of search: amongst other things, smaller businesses need to take a good long look at their own branding, their customers’ needs, the channels they can realistically leverage… and building their own internal knowledge graph. Stunningly enthralling conversation!

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Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.

Part of the Kalicube Tuesdays series.

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