Mike Blumenthal with Jason Barnard

Mike Blumenthal has more than 20 years of experience in local SEO. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he shares how review attributes contribute to a successful local SEO strategy.

Review Attributes – The Biggest Change to Reviews in a Decade

Google Review Attributes are a feature that allows consumers to leave a “critical” or “positive” quality rating with their reviews in a few short clicks. This is available to almost all service based businesses and is the biggest change to Google reviews in 8 years!

Google review attributes are available in Display and Maps, but once published in a review you can only see them in Search. Do not confuse these with Place Topics, which are machine learning/artificial intelligence assessment of the critical themes in reviews; which often retrieve/generate irrelevant categories.

There are variations of attribute choices available by industry and the combinations will always include 1&2 :

  • Quality,
  • Professional,
  • Value,
  • Responsive,
  • On Time,
  • Reliable,
  • Clean,
  • Communication

Next three questions: what does this mean for Google results, user perception and local SEO strategy?

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