Pinar Ünsal and Jason Barnard

Pinar Ünsal has 15 years of experience in digital marketing. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, she explains cultural differences and factors to consider in business expansion.

Do you want to expand your business into a different country, but you don’t know where to start and how to get going internationally with your digital marketing efforts? How do you tackle cultural differences and what areas do you have to particularly pay attention to? What do regional holidays, religion and special occasions have to do with your digital marketing success?

We’ll be talking about all of this and why it is important to pay attention to cultural differences and search behavior/intent for your target markets abroad.

We’ll cover topics like localization and additionally give some examples of cultural faux pas in digital marketing that will make the attendees smile. So, please join us & Keep smiling!

Scheduled for 16 February 2021 at 17 H CET (Paris)

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Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.

Part of the Kalicube Tuesdays series.

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