Bibi Lauri Raven and Jason Barnard

Bibi Lauri Raven is the founder of Bibibuzz and an expert in SEO link building. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, she shares her experience on how she succeeded in link building.

Breaking through the Editor Wall – Don’t know how to get website editors to link to your company? Stop sounding like a business or (worse) a linkbuilder. Bibi will explain how you can get people’s attention, and get the links you want … and I think maybe we’ll indirectly get some bonus tips for ORM (Online Reputation Management) and nailing a Knowledge Panel in here (but Bibi doesn’t know that yet).

Bibi the Link Builder is the crazy founder of link building agency Bibibuzz – where her outreach Jedi pew-pew powerful backlinks at her super cool clientele. She’s also infamously known for doling out world-saving link building advice, creative link training and pointless dad jokes.

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