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SPARK Your Marketing with Conversion Content

MORE doesn’t equal better results. A lot of companies get bogged down with creating more content – often advised by SEOs. To game Google SERPs – yes we need content and backlinks. But for sophisticated buyers of complex products, the kind of content that is created by writing farms and AI copy generators is low quality, generic ToFu content. “7 Types of Content Marketing” is an example – something no CMO will ever be searching for. Something more specific, like “Your Own Email Newsletter vs. LinkedIn Newsletters – Pros and Cons for Engaging Buyers” is further down the funnel and speaks to more specific needs. This is where we focus. We create specific content pieces – blog articles, case studies, whitepapers, guides, videos, social posts – that are designed leveraging human psychology and buying triggers to engage the prospect to take action. We don’t want to stop halfway with driving traffic – we want to get them to DO something on the website – or social profile – and that’s where we come in. We apply our SPARK Principle to every piece of content we create – an acronym for Strategy-Plan-Assess-Roles & Responsibilities-Kickoff. And we get results for our clients that were struggling to get visitors to take action.

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