Poster for Brooke Chapman and Jason Barnard

Stop Giving Strategy Away and Turn It Into a Revenue Stream

Retaining clients beyond the 8 months mark can be really challenging.  Keeping clients sticky is about much more than doing good work in your chosen discipline, it often hinges on the broader marketing strategy the business is working from and ensuring that the client has strong strategic foundations, with no legacy items holding their marketing, and the agency’s efforts, back.

The 9Boxes is a transparent, repeatable model for developing holistic marketing strategies for clients.  The program covers key preparatory work including reviewing market position, undertaking customer insights research, mapping customer journeys and building the channel mix to complement those journeys.  The 9Boxes also educates clients on strategic marketing and builds capability and skill within their team. We show agencies how to deliver strategy for clients to ensure they are adequately prepared for tactical implementation – allowing agencies to focus on what they do best, without anything holding them back.  In addition to that, a strong revenue stream can be built from strategy – meaning you can stop giving it away.

Join Brooke Chapman and Jason Barnard for this week’s episode of Kalicube Tuesdays!

Scheduled for 20 September 2022 at 17 H CET (Paris)

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