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Branding: Essential Ingredient, Not Just Decoration

Kevin is a brand expert who has built iconic brands around the world for the last three decades. Brands like Dunkin’, Bank of America, Microsoft and Fedex. Branding is not the icing on the cake, it’s baked into everything. For the last decade, besides running his own agency, Kevin has spent much of his time connecting and talking with those who are looking to build their brands and are looking for guidance. Kevin’s new book “Baking in a Craveable Brand” channels his passion for getting back to the powerful basics of good branding and realizing the industry is going through a “can’t see the forest for the trees” period, with the forest being the oversaturation of marketing tools, channels, data, etc, And the forest being a clear powerful and compelling brand. “I felt it was time for someone to speak up in defense of the brand and remind people what it is, and gently guide them back to the magic of it all when it is done brilliantly.” I felt the need to write a book for the small to midsize challenger companies with limited resources who could use the brand guidance to kill their goliath competitors and who have the courage to do it. 

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