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Leveraging Your Brand to Magnetize Your Dream Clients

When it comes to building a brand, I have found that many business owners think of building  their brand identity as something similar to acquiring a passport to board the plane called business. They feel like it is necessary, but they put minimal effort in, and they drag their feet through the process, doing only the mandatory steps. But what if  in reality, your brand is not the passport that gets you on the plane, but actually it is the jet fuel that powers the plane – and it is the catalyst that can get you to your business goals with ease and speed. If more people realized this, they would get more excited about the process and be ready and willing to do whatever it takes to quantify the intangible thing that makes their business amazing, and to find their most authentic self and show it to the world.

But many companies and personal brands haven’t realized this, which is why they feel  “MEH” about their visual brand. They don’t share it like they should, because they know it doesn’t fully capture their essence, and it doesn’t highlight the real reasons that clients benefit from working with them. It doesn’t live up up to the reputation that you are building for yourself!

When it comes to your brand and how YOU feel about it, there should be no apathy involved. When you are rocking an aspirational brand that lights you up, the confidence is catching. It is so much easier to share your story & shout about the uniqueness you bring to the world when you love the look and feel of it just as much as you love the experience of what you offer to your clients.

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