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How to Post Less on Social Media For More Business

Joining us on the show is Katie Brinkley, a sought-after speaker and social media strategist who helps businesses convert followers into customers. Katie shares research-backed tactics to cut through the noise online and develop results-driven social media marketing plans. In our conversation, Katie reveals common social media mistakes that waste time and money, along with actionable tips professionals can immediately apply to grow their brand and drive real business results.

Listen as Katie provides insights on: The biggest social media pitfalls to avoid Crafting content that converts passive followers into active buyers Measuring what matters – her approach to analytics that fuels growth Tips for identifying and connecting with your ideal audience Optimizing profiles and leveraging each platform’s unique algorithm Scheduling and automation tools that save time

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or anyone interested in using social media more effectively – this episode shares plenty of practical strategies that deliver. Tune in to transform how you approach online engagement!

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