Poster for Kalicube Tuesdays Monthly Roundtable July 2023

Wordlift Monthly Roundtable (July 2023)

Uncover the next generation of content creation in our engaging webinar exploring the power of dialogue, its significance and applications in human communication and tangential human-computer interaction systems.

In this webinar, Teodora Petkova will delve into the concept of dialogue and its role in fostering meaningful connections between humans and technology. She will address the intriguing question of whether dialogic communication can truly be harnessed for SEO-related activities. The answer may surprise you—it’s both yes and no, and that’s what makes it so captivating!

Andrea Volpini, on the other hand, will show you how to take a human-centric approach to designing large language model (LLM)-based chatbots, focusing on creating dynamic content and a conversational experience. From content modeling to conversation design, he will explore the dialogic framework that enables this immersive interaction starting from your schema markup.  

Moreover, he will shed light on the transformative potential of structured data and knowledge graphs in adding depth to content. By incorporating these powerful tools, you’ll learn how to create a more enriching and interactive experience for your users. Imagine them being able to engage with your content just as they would with the author—truly bridging the gap between user and content.

Join us for this webinar and unlock the secrets to crafting dynamic content that sparks meaningful conversations. Gain insights into how dialogue can enhance SEO strategies, explore the human-centric approach to LLM-based chatbot design, and discover the art of incorporating structured data and knowledge graphs to create content that truly resonates with your audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your content creation process and provide an interactive, conversational experience that leaves a lasting impact. 

Register now and embark on this exciting journey of dialogue-driven content creation!

Bullet point:

  • Why dialogue
  • What is dialogue
  • Humanity-first design and tangential human-computer interaction systems
  • Can we really use dialogic communication for SEO-related activities? Yes and no, and that’s the beauty of it!
  • A human-centric approach to large language model (LLM)- chatbot design using schema markup
  • From content modeling to conversation design – the dialogic framework
  • Adding depth to content using structured data (and knowledge graphs)

Scheduled for 26 July 2023 at 18 H CEST (Paris)

The event is 100% free:

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Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift.

Part of the Kalicube Tuesdays series.

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