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How to Tell Your Authentic Story As a Podcast Guest

The truth is, no matter where you’re at on your professional journey, you’ve gained experience that can help others discover a transformation in their lives. Even if you’ve only taken one step forward, those who’ve taken none can use your guidance to put things in motion.

But many professionals hold themselves back because they don’t feel their story can make an impact. They haven’t “accomplished enough yet,” imposter syndrome takes over, and they cost themselves opportunities to break out and break through.

In this episode of Kalicube Tuesdays, Jason Cercone joins the show to discuss the value of your authentic story, why the world needs to hear it, and how to leverage the podcast medium to tell it. Jason will shares tips and strategies for tapping into your story and bringing it to life, telling it with clarity and confidence on the right podcasts, and the best ways to maximize each podcast guest appearance to grow your network, attract new clients, and establish thought leadership in your niche.

You’ve got a story the world deserves to hear. 

Are you ready to tell it?

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Scheduled for 28 March 2023 at 20 H CET (Paris)

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