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Leveling Up Your Content Through Regular Updates

Jason Barnard discusses content updates with Me.

While there’s a lot of buzz around creating unique content and optimizing it, not much is spoken about revisiting existing content to boost its ROI in the long run. While businesses invest a lot in content creation and then SEO strategies like link building to help their content rank higher in the searches, there’s a definite need to keep your content relevant. And this must be done regularly to ensure your audience has access to the right information whenever they seek it.

Gaurav’s work revolves around all things content and SEO. He sheds light on the necessity for brands to regularly revisit their content to keep it fresh. He also shares his experiences and talks about how updates have given his strategies a boost. Tune in as Jason and Gaurav spill the beans on some of the best-kept secrets of content updates on this week’s Kalicube Tuesdays episode!

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