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2023 E-E-A-T Google Knowledge Graph Update (codename Killer Whale)

Buckle up as we dive deep into the impact of 2023 E-E-A-T Google Knowledge Graph Update. At Kalicube we’ve named the update Killer Whale because it was MASSIVE and has made a HUGE Splash!

The July Knowledge Graph rocked Google’s brain to the core. It is the biggest Knowledge Graph update since its creation in 2012. The update cascaded directly into the September Helpful Content Core update.

And people are feeling the impacts big time.

Aside from Google, Kalicube has the single biggest knowledge base of Google Knowledge Graph data. Kalicube Pro SaaS has data on 10,000,000 Knowledge Panels, tracks 7,000,000 kgmid, and can analyze over 1 billion data points across hundreds of industries and a dozen countries. The data goes as far back as 2015.

If you want to know why your Knowledge Panel changed or you want to create a Knowledge Panel, this live webinar with Jason Barnard is a must watch.

In the webinar Jason will explain what happened in the July and September updates – and what it means for SEO, businesses and people. Hint: Semantics in the algos took a massive leap forward, managing SERP presence using Entity SEO is finally mainstream, and E-E-A-T just became concrete.

And Jason has the statistics and numbers to prove it. And he has the solutions, techniques and strategies.

If you want to stay relevant in the new world of search, register now. Jason will answer all your questions live.

This is massive. Don’t miss it.

Book your place, set a reminder, and prepare your questions. Reserve your seat for the big reveal on Google’s Killer Whale 2023 E-E-A-T Knowledge Graph Update here.

Scheduled for 25 October 2023 at 20 H CET (Paris)

The event is 100% free:

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