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Coping with Marketing

I’d love to talk about how SEO should not isolate itself from other marketing teams and that the business goal should always come first. Of course it’s also important to talk about the relation between marketing departments (and SEO) and other stakeholders. How to get devs, CS, sales on board and where should you compromise to their own needs.

I have had really serious issues in SEO (such as hundreds of pages going 404) and devs not wanting to fix it because there wasn’t a “ticket” and it wasnt on their schedule, even though they broke the pages and it was a very urgent situation. SO it’s important to talk about establishing good relations with departments you depend on. 

In regards to Marketing, I have seen very disconnected departments where email marketing, SM, Content writers, etc are not in sync with each other and with the company’s most important campaigns. It’s sometimes a struggle to get them all to cooperate and look in the same direction. 

  • What are the main things you would consider essential for the perfect sync between SEO and marketing departments?
  • And tech and marketing?
  • SM and marketing ?
  • Customer support and marketing?

kpis and how they can differ within diff marketing teams

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