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The Importance of Creating a Marketing Pie

So many business owners get wrapped up in the newest, latest and greatest trends. It is easy to get lost and confused about what needs to happen to really provide your business with  the visibility that will move your KPI’s forward. Not to mention that a lot of these new marketing tools are costly, which can mean business owners have to make hard decisions about what they will invest in to keep their business thriving. The answer to that is a strong foundation, and that foundation is built by creating not only a marketing strategy but considering marketing components as a marketing pie. Each slice is necessary to make up the whole picture and allows for the natural ebbs and flows of business. When one aspect of your marketing slows down you have other areas that can help compensate. It also allows clients to meet you where they are comfortable vs. having to go search for you. We help clients develop a “pie” that continues to grow and develop as time goes on without breaking the bank. While staying on top of new trends is important, that can’t be a business owner’s primary focus. Not every trend is beneficial and not every trend is here to stay. We help our clients navigate the muddy marketing waters to ensure they are creating messaging that is in alignment with the benefits they are offering their clients. 

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Scheduled for 19 September 2023 at 20 H CET (Paris)

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