Poster for Chris Kocek and Jason Barnard

How to Incorporate Insights in Your Branding Campaigns

Insights. They are mysterious and elusive. Powerful yet elegant. They are the quintessential a-ha moment that all businesses are after and yet very few people can agree on what an insight is or how they got one.

In his new book Any Insights Yet? Connect the Dots. Create New Categories. Transform Your Business, branding expert Chris Kocek demystifies the insight-building process in a way that can help any business leader or marketing practitioner get to higher ground. Packed with real world examples from leading brands and award-winning campaigns, Any Insights Yet? provides a dynamic step-by-step process for connecting the dots between data, observations, and human truths, resulting in powerful insights that can breathe new life into your brand and give your business a long-term competitive advantage.

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