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Coffee Dates that Close High-Ticket Deals

Six weeks of my life are missing.

I was in a drug-induced coma. And many folks thought I couldn’t hear them.

While the doctors continually spoke of my pending death, my wife kept speaking life into me.

Eventually I woke up. I was terrified of the doctors. But my trust in my wife was through the roof.

We send messages continually. They’re not delivered in words. It’s our body language and tone of voice that sends the message. And only a true sociopath can hide the unspoken language of sales.

People don’t want to be sold. So, they immediately raise their guard when they detect that unspoken sales language. And it’s immediately harder to close the deal.

So, we quit trying to sell and focus on helping and serving using a tool called a First-Time Offer (FTO). It’s too difficult to describe the nuanced mechanisms in a few words. But the effects are clear.

An effective FTO builds trust rapidly. It creates an environment where people want to buy. It moves the heavy lifting from the hands of the salesperson and places it into the power of the offer.

One option is to double down on sales. But your prospects will hear that unspoken language of sales. And they will smell like my doctors who reeked of the stench of death.

We believe you should speak life and hope into your prospects like my wife spoke into me.

And an effective First-Time Offer is that spring of hope that gives comfort in the midst of weighty decisions.

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