Poster for Suzanne Tulien and Jason Barnard

Stop Marketing, for now, Start Branding!

Too many small businesses tend to rely on ‘Marketing’ to do the work of ‘Branding’…Don’t make this mistake! It has been said that “40% of marketing is wasted, due to ill-informed, de-motivated staff undermining the promotional promise!” When GOOD brands don’t first thoroughly define their Brand’s DNA and then implement it internally, the probability of becoming a GREAT brand is minimized, risking increased marketing expenditures and decreased ROI.

Whether you are a solo-professional, or have a team of employees, this session shows how your brand can OUT-BEHAVE your competition by building distinctive, memorable customer and employee experiences that leverage every marketing effort exponentially.

In this session, you will learn the critical differences between the function of Marketing vs. Branding and how knowing this can greatly affect your bottom line. Also, learn the secrets of the three most powerful attributes of a successful brand and capitalize on them to:
– Increase customer loyalty
– Create brand insistence from customers
– Make marketing dollars work smarter, not harder!
– Increase employee retention
– Decrease marketing expenditures
– Decrease price sensitivity
– Increase referrals
– Become who you want to be known for!

Join Suzanne Tulien and Jason Barnard for this week’s episode of Kalicube Tuesdays!

Scheduled for 07 May 2024 at 20 H CET (Paris)

The event is 100% free:

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