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Authentic Content Is More Than a Buzzword

We’re currently experiencing an unparalleled acceleration in content creation, where marketing strategies and trends are constantly vying for attention. This creates a serious challenge for brands to determine where to invest and how to keep their audience engaged. AI’s disruption in content creation hasn’t simplified matters either. Machine-generated content can’t match human expertise or resonate with audiences like human-first content can. Brands must also contend with influencers and the high demand and interest for video content that we see on social channels.

To excel in 2024, brands need to focus on delivering personal, authentic, and expert content to captivate their audience, build trust, and differentiate from their competition. With search habits and consumer behavior changing all the time, brands need to invest in video, collaborate with experts, position themselves as ‘influencers’, so to speak, and integrate AI in a way that automates content creation processes instead of replacing them.

When ChatGPT launched and AI-generated content began to take off within mainstream marketing, it became clear to me how authentic perspectives could assist in converting organic traffic, which is why at Entail, we connect brands with industry experts to create high-quality content that cuts through the noise and stands out.

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