Dr. Lori Baker-Schena

CEO and Founder of Baker Schena

Dr. Lori Baker-Schena, MBA, EdD, CEO and founder of Baker Schena
Communications, is a leadership coach and professional speaker who works with individuals, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations to strengthen their management and team-building skills. Her goal is to help clients achieve high levels of excellence, productivity and profitability by reclaiming passion and expertise in their industries.

Dr. Baker-Schena brings to her clients 35 years as a healthcare public
relations and marketing consultant, and 25 years as a tenured university
professor teaching public relations and journalism. Dr. Baker-Schena holds
a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a MBA from California State
University, Northridge, and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from
the University of La Verne in La Verne, California.

Dr. Baker-Schena’s company is dedicated to filling the education gaps
leaders experience in the workplace. Even when professionals are
promoted based on their skill set, a lack of formal leadership training —
how to manage others, how to deal with conflict, how to work effectively
in a team — can sabotage their chances for success. Without these key
leadership skills, professionals are in danger of remaining stuck. As a
professional speaker and trainer, Dr. Baker-Schena brings both inspiration
and education to clients. Her specialty is helping professionals move their
careers forward with confidence and joy.