MoxieScore is a measurement of how much of a Google SERP (Search Engine results Page) a brand owns. It claims to be a better measurement of SEO performance since it includes all results the brand owns, controls or is present rather than just the brand’s website.

 It does this by allowing you to claim websites, social profiles, and pieces of content that belong to you.

This information is presented in the form of a score that you can track over time. This score takes into account which results on the page contain your brand, how competitive the term is, how much pixel space those branded results occupy, and how high each element is on the page.

MoxieScore measures the entire SERP, and gives marketers credit for everything that they rank in the SERP, including Maps, Apps, Ads, Videos, Knowledge Graph, Interesting Finds, websites (not just your own), Rich Results and everything else. This more holistic way of evaluating success will modernize the perspective and strategy decisions of SEO’s.

From MobileMoxie