Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda started his professional journey as a Software Engineer back in 2012 and then some successful SEO experiments pushed him to do more of it, and essentially, he fell in love with this crazy topic. Since then, he has been trying to connect the dots between UX and SEO through continuous experimentation on various products. Scalability, automation, technical SEO, international SEO, crawl budget optimisation, site speed etc. are some “\keywords”\ that puts smile on Nitin’s face, you can also add cricket and travel in the list.

Nitin has helped brands like trivago and Flipkart to grow their organic visibility and currently he’s working as Global Head of SEO at Omio, a Berlin based travel tech. He has consulted for brands from all over the world to improve the UX and organic visibility for their brands. He is also working on his own blog to bridge the gap between developers, product manager, marketing and management when it comes to SEO topics, that apparently is the biggest pain point in Enterprise SEO.