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From Entity Modeling to Knowledge Graph Maintenance

The list of Structured Data driven Google Search Result Features keeps rapidly growing. And if this isn’t enough already, if you take a look at the vocabulary you’ll discover there are tons of other things you can describe as well; Not all of which directly drive any search result features, yet there are plenty of documented hints out there which describe the search engines using Structured Data Markup to help further their understanding of what web pages are about and what their intent is.

Sounds nice in theory but how do you actually decide what to describe and what not? Should you include everything encompasses, or do you even go beyond it and make use of other ontologies as well? When is enough enough? How do you deal with any warnings and errors Search Console produces as a result of your efforts to go beyond Google’s Rich Results? And how does this all fit into Google’s Knowledge Graph, does markup actually influence it?

Join Jason Barnard and his guest Jarno van Driel as they dive into these questions and go on a journey from Entity Modeling to Knowledge Graph Maintenance while making some stops in between.

Links to pieces of content relevant to this topic:
The only real thing of importance to possibly share is a list of links to some of the topics:
1) Google’s search result feature guide:
2) The vocabulary
3) Linked Open Data Vocabularies:

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