Alex Silva

SEO Analyst of Movidesk

SEO expert, international SEO consultant, and author of the book Semantic SEO: Semantic Workflow. I am an advocate of the Semantic Web.

I have a degree in advertising, and I’m doing a second degree in Librarianship, with more than 20 years of experience in Digital. I have been working with Search Engine Optimization since 2009, always seeking to align user experience with strategies such as Content Marketing optimizing investment in SEO.

I specialized in Optimization and worked in different fields of activity. Today I research the use of semantics and connected data in website optimization.

I’m doing my second degree in Librarianship and Information Science to expand my knowledge in Indexing, Classification, and Categorization of Information, which perfectly aligns with SEO work.

As an SEO Consultant, I am a professional who works long term with elements of your website, such as relevant content, and through Content Marketing, to improve your organic traffic.

The objective of getting to the first page of Google is essentially a long-term job; it is essential to know the target audience and work on “search engine optimization” together with the user experience.

An SEO consultancy focuses on more than keywords; it seeks to do SEO with in-depth knowledge of how search engines work. The SEO analyst is an expert in knowing the search results.

“A man’s death begins the moment he gives up learning.” – Albino Teixeira.