Nik Ranger

Founder of SEO Collective Australia

Nik Ranger is an award winning Senior Technical SEO Specialist at Dejan Marketing and the co-director of SEO Collective Australia, an SEO educational community based in Melbourne. Winner of SEMrush best agency in Australia, APAC and at the Global Search Awards. Published in two books, SEO in 2022 by Majestic and SEO Trends 2022, According to 44 Experts by Search Engine Journal, brand ambassador for Rank Ranger and #87 of 202 Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following by Search Engine Journal.

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With Jason Barnard… (podcast)

Nik Ranger talks to Jason Barnard about competitive analysis and the blinkered horse marketing strategy…

Great conversation with a delightful, vibrant and very intelligent person. Listen here >>

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