What is WordLift? (Their definition)

WordLift is the first semantic SEO tool that uses natural language processing and linked data publishing for automating structured data markup. WordLift analyzes articles and transforms text into machine-friendly content to improve the audience engagement and to increase the organic traffic of a websiteThe plugin also provides support for content recommendations.

What is WordLift? (My definition)

An awesome tool that makes communicating with machines easy. It makes sure that the content you create it presented to machines (particularly Google) in a manner they can fully understand… and also adds context to each piece of content by indicating where it fits into the overall picture of “who you are and what you do”.

And we all know that content context is king.

I use Wordlift across the entire Kalicube website. And I am sooooo glad I do.

The results have been astonishing from every angle – direct and indirect SEO rankings, on SERP SEO (who can claim to be good at that?), reputation, knowledge graph… the list goes on. I am writing an article about it.

110% recommended. Give Wordlift a try >>