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Links Are the Foundation of Your Site

By building links on low-quality sites, you can easily not only waste your time and resources but face a way bigger problem – the necessity of changing the domain name. But that’s not it. Besides ensuring that the quality of links is on point, you have to be careful when choosing the pages you want to get links to. Even though building links back to commercial pages might look like the most effective strategy, in reality, it’s the riskiest approach since you’re trying to manipulate Google’s SERPs. The rule is always the same – think twice before building any links since the only way to fully get rid of a bad link is to remove it (the rest of the approaches still keep the connection between your brand and unhealthy link).

After spending the last 5 years building links and working with various clients, I’ve come to a few fascinating observations:
1. Getting links back to commercial pages is what might lead to the biggest loss of money. We have many clients that have been investing their entire link building budgets in getting links back strictly to their commercial pages. For those ready to invest 7-10k per USD month, it has led to some meaningful results. However, I still doubt that these links will keep working for them in the future since Google might easily devalue them and give them less priority since they were obtained by manipulating the SERPs. Besides that, I have some big concerns about the overall efficiency of such link building campaigns. I see that sites that prefer to build links to content pages have way better results in terms of their SEO performance.
2. Closing the current link gap with some low-quality links might lead to the necessity for a rebrand (change of your domain name). Links are similar to anyone’s personal records – once you get dragged into something shitty (for instance, having some criminal records), there’s no way out. So, before acquiring such links, think twice about it. I believe a good link is the one you feel comfortable sharing on your SMM platforms. If you feel uneasy about it, don’t build it. Besides, there’s no need to build bad links – you’ll acquire them organically either way.
3. Link building can’t solve your business problems. A lot of businesses try to boost the performance of their poorly designed sites, low-quality content, and subpar products with links. Links are not going to save you – no matter how great they are, they won’t substitute the rest of the things. Links work only when everything else is in place and functions properly.

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