Poster for Stacey Hall and Jason Barnard

How to Make Sales by Staying in Your Comfort Zone

The Big Idea: Too often the sales profession drives people away because its training methods need improvement. Too often they rely on pushy and scammy tactics. The old-style ABCs of selling, “Always Be Closing” needs to be retired. Such tactics make those trying to make the sale — not to mention their prospects — uncomfortable, decreasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

The So-What: People want to do work that’s personally meaningful and connects with their values. For salespeople, this often means believing in the product, being able to authentically engage with customers, and, instead of focusing on making a sale, focusing on solving a problem. This requires a much different approach from the old-style ABCs of selling to a new one developed around “Alignment, Belief, and Consistency.”

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Scheduled for 01 November 2022 at 17 H CET (Paris)

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