David Avrin with Jason Barnard

David Arvin has well over 20 years of experience as a visibility coach. He believes that business today is about customer experience. In this interview with Jason Barnard, he shares his top (secret) tips to retain customers.

David Avrin talks with Jason Barnard about customer retention.

It’s easy Enough to Sell. Retaining Customers is the Hard Part.

We kick off the conversation by expressing our love for singing before quickly shifting gears to the topic of the day which is Customer retention.

As you know, Customers are the driving force of a business but how many businesses today know how to retain a Customer after acquisition.

Companies emphasise more on the acquisition process of a customer and give little attention to the most important aspect (Customer Retention).

So, why are Companies failing to identify this important piece? We dive deep into the reasons why and how to fix it immediately.

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